800 Watt LED Light Balloon


Our 800-Watt LED Light Balloon are so efficient, you get longer life with an impressively low amp draw. Plus, the compact, easy-to-move design makes setup simple, so you save money, energy and time! This new design pulls just 7.5 amps of power versus a 2000W Halogen light that pulls approximately 16 amps and is not as bright. The LEDs have the ability to last upwards of 120,000 hours, and the light comes packaged in a circular protective carrying case. This allows for there to be very little maintenance and upkeep.

The 800-Watt LED light balloon provides glare-free, non-blinding light for industries such as paving, infrastructure construction, oil & gas, and event lighting. Just to name a few. We are willing and able to customize our products to your specific application if needed.

All 8:12 Illumination light balloons feature a unique modular design for field replacement, not product replacement. This drastically cuts long-term costs and boosts productivity.


LED Benefits:

  • Weather resistant design including a waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant balloon.

  • Our LED design can be powered by an inverter instead of a generator due to it’s low amp draw.

  • Instant restrike, extremely mobile and can be plugged into any 100V-220V outlet.

  • Our light can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility which is great for flagger stations or anywhere where diffused lighting needs to be mobile.

LED Light Data |

Maximum Lighted Area: 38,000 ft squared

Maximum Lumens: 110,000

Light Under Unit at 10’: 145.0 foot candles

Color Temperature: 5,000 Kelvin

Electrical Data |

Type of Cells: LED

Number of Cells: 8 x 100 watt

Maximum Power: 800 watt

Average Lamp Life: 120,000 hours

Voltage Available: 110V / 220V

AMP Pull: 7