We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Product

Simply put, we thrive on creating the most trusted and inventive products on the market.

Here at 8:12 Illumination, we believe in supplying the most reliable non-glare lighting solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our product can be used to retrofit your current light tower as well as be installed on any truck or construction vehicle.It can also be installed on a tripod or telescoping mast.
Our light balloons provide glare free, 360 degree lighting that is vastly superior to current industry lighting. The diffused lighting that we provide to the market is designed to be soft on the eyes but at the same time provide safe lighting to all those working in the area.
The mission of 8:12 Illumination is to manufacture the premier glare-free and diffused lighting products on the market; all while providing our customers with unsurpassed customer service through open communication and responsiveness. We strive to ensure that each and every customers need are fully met.
Our philosophy at 8:12 Illumination is to conduct business worldwide in an ethically straightforward manner providing a confidence to our customers that is unsurpassed in the industry. We conduct 8:12 Illumination with integrity both internally with our employees, and externally with our customers and distributors.
Our promise at 8:12 Illumination is to conduct our business honestly and work tirelessly to service our customers needs to maximize their efficiency and safety in all types of environments. Our goal is to make this company a catalyst of improvement in our communities and the places in which we work and live.