4000 Watt HID Retrofit Kit


Our 4000-Watt retrofit kit is a wonderful way to improve old light towers or make your new light tower glare free. The kit includes the 4000 watt HID light, a bracket to fit the top of your generator tower, a new junction box, and a protective carrying case for the light.

The 4000-Watt LED light balloon provides glare-free, non-blinding light for industries such as paving, infrastructure construction, oil & gas, and event lighting. Just to name a few. We are willing and able to customize our products to your specific application if needed.

All 8:12 Illumination light balloons feature a unique modular design for field replacement, not product replacement. This drastically cuts long-term costs and boosts productivity.


About our Design:

  • A field repairable design that is modular and allows for field replacement instead of product replacement, which cuts drastically on long-term costs.

  • Revolutionary design with four 1,000 watt HID lamps that emit up to 440,000 lumens.

  • 120 and 240 VAC power options.

  • Designed to withstand winds upwards of 45 mph.

  • Designed with a fan in the base that works to cool down the lamps as well as inflate the balloon.

  • Integrated reflector that works to reflect the light; maximizing lumens.

  • Built in bulb stabilizer which prevents unwanted bulb loosening and failure during transport.

  • Various types of configurations and mounting options, which include a light tower, equipment attachments, tripods and a telescoping mast.

  • The frame is made of high quality aluminum without the use of plastic.

  • The size is approximately 4’ x 4’.

LED Light Data |

Maximum Lighted Area: 140,000 ft squared

Maximum Lumens: 440,000

Light Under Unit at 26’: 32 foot candles

Electrical Data |

Type of Cells: HID

Number of Bulbs: 4 x 1000 watt

Maximum Power: 4000 watt

Average Lamp Life: 8000 hours

Voltage Available: 110V